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New York Boat Transport

New York Boat Transporters and Haulers have a great deal of state DOT regulations to contend with. The state of New York is not a easy location to be moving a boat in or through as they have very strict oversize transportation regulations that change frequently. Transporting a boat to or from Long Island New York has its own set of regulations that are strictly enforced. Most transport companies do not offer the service of transporting oversize boats in the Long Island area due to this bureaucracy. The additional costs involved with transporting a boat in or through New York is warranted.

  • For all intent and purposes any boat that exceeds 8.6 wide and 13.6 tall is considered oversize.
  • Any oversize boat being transported in New York that is wider than 9.6 feet wide must have permits.for boats over 12 feet wide, escorts need to be hired to assist in transport.Hippie chic will not transport oversized loads without proper permits in place.
  • Boats being hauled in or through New York state that exceeds 13.6 tall must have a pole car.
  • Operating hours are from sunrise to sunset Monday through Friday. Other cities have their own restrictions for transporting oversize boats.
  • Long Island has its own set of restrictions for transporting oversize boats to or off the island. The rules that Boat Transporters must comply with change quite frequently so we will not attempt to outline them here. But with Long Island New York in mind be prepared for additional costs involved in shipping your boat to or from Long Island. Long Island requires additional escorts and pole cars as well as police escorts. The hours of operation to move a boat on or off the island are at night only for boats exceeding 10 feet wide.

For more detailed information on New York DOT regulations please view: https://www.nysdot.gov/index



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